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We are a Tritone Music Academy

About Tritone Music Academy


A&D is an authorized TMA (Tritone Music Academy) school. This music education program was designed in Canada by Mr. Merv Mauthe and is used in over 20 countries worldwide by over 250,000 students. The program has won national and international awards and our curriculum has validation from selected Canadian and English universities and colleges as an entrance to their music faculties. The legitimate content and extensive education program carries students from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12, and some provinces give accreditation for our TMA exams as credit.

This piano and keyboard course that we use is a worldwide system of teaching music through contemporary music styles carefully chosen to help motivate students to learn. Songs should be recognizable and we believe we should use the integration of technology to help with this motivation. This comprehensive music teaching system covers all aspects of popular music performance including theory, technique, creativity, and improvisation. In addition to building a foundation of note reading and playing, students explore many styles of music while learning to improvise, harmonize, build chord patterns and create backgrounds to develop a professional sound. Ear training and theory are taught for a thorough understanding of music.

TMA teaches "applied music" - music for the masses - for the 90% of people who listen to and want to play everyday music. In other words, we teach music and training that can be used in the "real world". There is no other piano/ keyboard course that teaches both music and technology. It is not just "taking lessons", but a whole program, a comprehensive educational system that requires strong commitment from teachers, parents and students. The lessons are interactive, requiring full participation from the student in a classroom setting. This is not passive learning at all, but teaches students how to "think on their feet'!










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