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My oldest boy started taking music lessons from Asger and Debbie when he was 3, and I watched as music helped transform him from a shy little boy to a confident 17 year old who loves to perform. His three brothers all take lessons at A & D studios as well.

Music has become a large part of all of their lives, and they get a great deal of satisfaction out of being able to play well. They love going to A & D. I think it is because Asger and Debbie are so warm and welcoming, and the studio is bright and cheerful. The teachers are very friendly, and they go out of their way to make sure that the kids are not only receiving a quality musical education but are having a lot of fun at the same timel.

I'm certain that my boys would not have thrived as well musically if we had enrolled them somewhere other than A & D Music. The programs they offer are sound, the support is there, and it is a very positive environment. The students are given many opportunites to shine.

I would enthusisastically recommend A & D music to anyone interested in taking music lessons no matter what their age. Thank you Asger and Debbie!

Thea & Denis Levesque








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