TATIANNA TINITIGAN: Piano & Vocal teacher - Tatianna is a student teacher who will be teaching her first year with A&D Music this coming 2023-2024 school year. She has experience in teaching vocal and piano lessons to children of preschool age. At four years old, she began her musical journey here, at A&D Music, in group lessons. She took levels 1-8 in the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Repertoire and Music Theory. Currently, she is taking level 9 of the Royal Conservatory and continues to improve her skills. She started taking vocal lessons at eleven years old and began competing shortly after. Competing in international and regional competitions, Tatianna has won many awards for singing, performing, and piano, including four scholarships to intensive musical training in Vancouver. Specializing in musical theatre, Tatianna has trained with the Arts Club of Vancouver, the Kay Meek Conservatory, and Creative Edge in Abbotsford. Tatianna performs at events, festivals, and as opening acts for Filipino celebrities. In her spare time, you can find her in her room, writing songs with a guitar in-hand.We are excited to welcome Tatianna to A&D!