ASGER HANSEN: Owner, guitar & piano teacher - Asger has been involved with music for most of his life. As a student, he was mostly self-taught on guitar, accordion, (yes, really!) harmonica, and mostly anything he could get his hands on. His formal training included trumpet and, believe it or not...bagpipes. However, Asger soon realized the coolness factor was not there as a 16 year old when he realized that he would have to wear a kilt in order to continue to play in the pipe band. So, that was the end of his piping career, plus he didn’t feel any patriotic ties to Scotland being a full blooded Dane.

After graduation Asger soon ended up on the road with various rock bands. During his touring years they played many, many bars and clubs throughout Western Canada. They played in some the largest urban clubs in Vancouver, Calgary, Prince George, and Winnipeg to just about every small pub.
They did have the opportunity to share the stage with a number of then and now famous musicians including the Guess Who, David Foster’s group Skylark, The Collectors (now Chilliwack), The Vancouvers (Tommy Chong’s band) plus more groups than Asger can remember.

Once Asger decided to leave the road, he ended up with years of regular day jobs but he always had a weekend band of some sort.
Eventually, Asger ended up in radio broadcasting by starting out as an operations manager of a small town radio station in Burns Lake, B.C. A few years after that, Asger became an accounts manager (advertising sales) at CFVR/850 in Abbotsford and later joined JR-FM in Vancouver doing “On Locations”.

During his broadcasting years, Asger gained a ton of knowledge in radio commercial production, recording, and all aspects of the broadcast industry.

For over 25 years, Asger was involved with the Chilliwack Jazz Festival both as an entertainer and in sound production. It was there that Asger had the privilege to perform with the late great Linden Garner and also with an upcoming rising performer, Michael Buble.
One of the bands that Asger performs with is 1066, a local celtic band that has performed both sides of the border for the past 35 years. Some of their guest performers include Susie Francis, Michael Kaishammer and Will Millar, former front man of the Irish Rovers. His most recent band was Horizon, comprised of some A&D teachers as well as Crystal Hicks on vocals.
He has been very involved in music education for many years along with his best half, Deb.